DJ PoundCake

DJ Poundcake is a seasoned veteran in the music industry with manu years of experience under his belt. Starting off as a club DJ in the vibrant city of Asheville, he soon found himself opening for renowned artists like 36 Mafia and Dj Unk, among others, showcasing his impeccable skills and electrifying energy to every packed crowd. However, Poundcake's true passion lies in creating joyous and unforgettable moments for his clients on their special day. He has mastered the art of wedding DJing, using his extensive knowledge of all genres of music to curate the perfect playlist that caters to every guest's taste. His ability to read the room and get every guest on the dance floor is truly unmatched. When DJ Poundcake is behind the booth, you can be sure that the celebration will be nothing short of magic.


DJ Fresh is a rising star in the local music industry, with five years' experience performing in western North Carolina. As a lifelong musician who taught himself to play piano and other instruments as a child, he later applied those talents to the art of DJing. Within a few short years, he has perfected his technical skill and found his place in Asheville's thriving music scene, performing at clubs, hosting karaoke at many local bars, and bringing joy to countless weddings. Among his fans, DJ Fresh is best known for his flawless scratching skills and seamless transitions.